Ace Hardware Credit Card Review| Ace Hardware Credit Card Promotion

Ace Hardware Credit Card |Ace Hardware Credit Card Review| Ace Credit Card| Ace Hardware Credit Card Promotion

Are you an Ace Hardware Stores Customer? Have you been looking for how to apply for the Ace Hardware Credit Card? Or have you been looking for a Full Step after Step Review on the Ace Credit Card? Worry no more because everything you have been looking for is contained here

The Ace Hardware Credit Card that is issued by the U.S Bank is of two types namely, Ace Rewards Platinum Card and Ace Rewards Signature Cards. The two types of Cards are the Visa types of Credit Card which enables you to also use the card at grocery stores and gas stations.

The Ace Hardware Credit Card is issued out by the U.S Bank for Ace Hardware Customers to enable them carry out online banking such as payments of online bills, checking of account balance, money or funds transfer etc. with ease from the comfort of anywhere.

In this article, I will be giving you a detailed step after step Ace Hardware Credit Card Review and how you can go about the Application processes

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Ace Hardware Credit Card Review

  • For every 1 dollar you spend, you earn 10% or 50points
  • You will earn 5% if you make purchases at the Ace Stores
  • You may earn up to 2% when you use your card at the gas station
  • You will earn 1% from every other place you make a purchase

 Ace Hardware Credit Card Advantages

  • If there is going to be any update as regards your account, you will receive a notification through a text message
  • You are allowed to make Bank transfers
  • There are lots of rewards that comes along with the card
  • You are eligible to receive offers both online and from stores

Ace Hardware Credit Card Disadvantages

  • The monthly charge or fee is quite high
  • You will be charged on every transaction or purchase with your card

Benefits of Using Ace Hardware Credit Card

  • As a cardholder, you are not charged an annual fee
  • You earn a 10% discount in Ace Reward Points
  • You stand a chance to earn $25 Ace Reward when you collect 12,500 points
  • You can easily manage your account online
  • You can easily complete your ace credit card payments without stress
  • You get a 2% discount whenever you use your card at the grocery and gas station

Ace Hardware Credit Card Application Guide

  • On your web browser, visit the Ace Credit Card Application Page
  • Input your personal details such as: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Country of Citizenship, Country of Permanent Residence, Primary Phone Number
  • Also provide the following details: Housing Information, Income Information, Employment Information an click to add a balance transfer
  • Select the box “Yes” option to request an additional card, then read the terms and conditions. Accept the terms and conditions and select the “Select” button to proceed

Ace Credit Card Application Status

  • To check the status of your application, you will have to call them directly at 888-325-6190